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Fierce Fit

Fierce Fit is the only female-focused personal training service in the heart of Manchester which drives women to confidence, fitness and to happily embrace life.

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Re-design & Development


2nd August 2019


HTML,PHP, CSS, JS, SEO, JSON website being shown on a desktop

Fierce Fit was a project that I undertook whilst working at Nuttersons. that needed to be completely remade due to how the current version was made. The first version on Fierce Fit was made in WordPress using a prebought theme which not only had a handful of plugins we weren't using, they were also making the site slower for the end user. After many meetings it was clear that the next version was going to be made not using a theme or WordPress as this was been utilised either.

As the old WordPress themes had many limitions when it came to adding new elements to the site it was time to go back to the drawing board and create a new design but keeping the brand in mind when doing so. The new design captured the Fierce Fit brand using the bold colors and fonts as well as all our photos from many events and classes.

From these new and improved designs I was able to create a brand new site using HTML5 and SCSS alongside some light JavaScript to create a much faster lighter site which still performed and ranked highly in Google.

In conclusion the site has been an overall success, it is now a lot quicker than before, much easier to update and has a cleaner fresh feel to the overall website.

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