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Beast Prosthetics

Beast prosthetics equip people to maximise life’s opportunities through immediate access to the leading prosthetic solutions and limb technology.

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Design & Development


17th November 2018


HTML,PHP, CSS, JS, SEO website being shown on a laptop

Beast Prosthetics was a site that I self managed whilst working at Nuttersons. This projects main aim was to create an online presence for a newly developed company which specialises in prosthetics in the UK. All the designs and assets were provided for me which made the project easy to manage and gave a definitive outline as to what was required from me as a web developer.

Due to the overall site of the website (300+ pages) it was key that the navigation highlighted the key areas of the website. During the development stage I mocked up a few designs which I presented to the project leaders how the menu would function and what categories would be displayed. This was all created in Adobe XD and using the built in prototype tool I was easily able to demostrate how the navigational menu would function on the real website.

Overall I am pleased with the outcome of the website and I think it not only provides great infomation about prosthetics but it also helps to sell the services of providing prosthetics limbs.

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